Killing Off Fritz Gnouy

Well THAT didn’t last long…

In a previous blog post I talked about the stress relief I received after dumping my personal Facebook Page; it was a wonderful week of no unwanted political input, non-friend friend requests and “urgent” private messages. However, I recognized a few days into this non-Facebook life that many of my daily work functions were nearly impossible to accomplish. I couldn’t access the Facebook platform properly, so I couldn’t respond to KUIC listeners, and obtaining current information from a Facebook source became equally problematic. My work-around solution, or so I thought, became the creation of a “shadow account” that would give me access to The Facebook World while shielding me from all the things I didn’t like about being in that world. I needed to give this shadow account a name, so I chose a combination of my first dog’s name and the inversion (sort of) of my last name: Fritz Gnouy. It felt kinda creepy to me, creating a fake person to have a fake account so I could access Facebook for my radio host duties. Once it became clear that this “solution” STILL didn’t allow me to interact with listeners (unless I was willing to have “Fritz” liking or commenting on posts), I deactivated the deactivation of my original account and killed off Mr. Gnouy at the same time. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t allow the more stressful aspects of social media get under my skin, so I’m going to forge ahead with a new, healthy attitude toward Facebook. If you get a friend request from Fritz Gnouy, ignore it 🙂

John Young