Some of you may have seen the hilarious video of singer/songwriter extraordinaire John Legend performing his mega-hit “All of Me” in an inebriated state at a celebrity get-together at Universal Studios in Hollywood over the past weekend. Why is this news-worthy? Because it’s about time a celebrity was allowed to have a few too many glasses of red wine and sing badly in public without it being controversial. John Legend is old enough to buy and drink alcohol…he has no history of substance abuse (that we currently know of)…he didn’t drive…his kids weren’t there…this is the same sort of thing millions of us have done at Karaoke Night, with no long-lasting negative effects (assuming people utilize Uber). Bonus that Mr. Legend performed in a bright red onesie with a giant cut-out of his own face taped to it. Don’t make it a habit, John…but let’s all refrain from calling for a visit to celebrity rehab 🙂

John Young