Is It Too Early To Be Thinking About Girl Scout Cookies?

The quick answer is “Of Course”, but when I caught wind of the introduction of a new amazing cookie type, well…I started pining away for Spring Cookie Season! Sure, that season is still months away, but the Girl Scouts Organization is providing its devotees with a glimpse of that new flavor: it’s a new chocolate and salted caramel cookie called “Adventurefuls,”  with the cookie being described in a press release as an “indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.” OMG…with Girl Scout Cookie Sales Season usually running between the months of January and April, that seems like too long a wait for these sure-to-be-amazing “Adventurefuls.” who’s up for signing my petition to get the good folks at Girl Scouts USA to push up the date for sales to, say, Labor Day?

John Young