This incredibly stressful coronavirus pandemic we’re all currently mired in doesn’t necessarily mean we all have to skip Thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends, according to one expert. Disease prevention specialist Dr. Erika Schwartz, the Founder and Medical Director of Evolved Science of New York City, says getting together with family and a few friends this Thanksgiving isn’t a no-no, as long as you don’t have to get on a plane to do it. Says Dr. Schwartz: “Keep the windows open and use spaces and all areas of the house that you can. If you’re in a climate where you can eat outside, do that.” As far as serving the holiday meal goes, Dr. Schwartz says it isn’t a good idea to pass around platters of food at the table. “The good thing about Thanksgiving and holidays is the coronavirus is not spread through food,” she says. “But don’t do food that is shared.” Instead, Dr. Schwartz recommends keeping the food in the kitchen and allowing guests to go in one at a time and serve themselves with clean utensils, buffet-style. These recommendations came as a serious relief to my wife Meg and I, as we contemplated what to do with our role this year of providing a place for our out-of-town adult children and a few of their friends for Thanksgiving. I hope it’s not raining in Roseville on Thanksgiving Day…I’d hate to move everybody into the garage with the door up, but I will.

John Young