I had the opportunity to interview local Veteran Advocates Pat Sheehan and Nestor Aliga from The Solano County Veteran’s Service Office this past week, and they helped me understand a very important concept regarding Veterans and Veterans services: of the nearly 36,000 U.S. Service Veterans living in Solano County, only about 35% of them utilize services and benefits they’re entitled too.  And Solano County’s 35% rate is one of the BEST in California; the state-wide average is closer to 25%. Nestor pointed out that Solano County efforts to connect with Veterans and connect them with services and benefits has been excellent, but “we can do better…we should aim for 100% connectivity.” One way we all can help is simply to point a Veteran in the right direction; many of us know a Veteran in one way or another, and we all can be a referral source:

Solano County Veteran’s Service Office, 675 Texas Street, Suite 4700, Fairfield, CA 94533


Thank you!

John Young