He’s Coming Back…Yeah, Baby!

It’s been a long 16+ years since “International Man of Mystery” Austin Powers graced movie screens here in America (2002’s marginal “Gold Member”, the weakest film in the trilogy), fans of the Austin Powers franchise will either be rejoicing or cringing at the latest news regarding the series starring Mike Myers. The former SNL star says that a fourth installment of the movie is coming to the big screen. At the premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody, Myers said that Austin Powers 4 is in the works, and he teased that one of his legendary characters would be making a comeback. He is quoted in Digital Spy: “The [fourth Austin Powers] movie… it’s looking good. They take a long time to write, they always have.” Where has Austin been? Myers explained that he’s been helping to raise three kids over the last several years and that was where his attention was focused. Does a large enough audience have an appetite for more Austin Powers? What will they do about “Mini Me” now that Verne Troyer has passed away? Who cares! ANY Austin Powers is better than none at all, in this fan’s opinion…very shag-a-delic  🙂

John Young



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