Guest Blogger Meg Young Describes Our Latest Pet Acquisition

I thought it might be fun to have “Guest Blogger” Meg Young describe the latest happenings at The Young Household, aka Phony Pharms:

We took the plunge! Okay, let’s be honest…I did…with tentative agreement from John. This Corgi family rescued a gorgeous Black Lab with a mushy heart, a huge body, and a loyal spirit. “I miss a dog with a tail, and one who wants to go to the lake with us”, I voiced on repeat.  “He needs us!” I pleaded, forgetting how peaceful the house had been with just our indoor cat, Bonsai. 

Upon meeting him, John’s eyes widened when Rocky gave him a smelly rope toy to throw. John played along with this awkward, yet stunning, 4 year old/84 pound pup. I am so fortunate that my incredible husband is both forgiving, and trusts my judgment. 

Rocky’s big dreamy eyes make up for the fact that he is not neutered, he didn’t come vaccinated, and he doesn’t like to be alone. So, 7 days later, the vet has been visited (surgery is scheduled for next week), the new shiny red collar is on, the chip is registered, and I smiled watching John and Rocky fast asleep together on the family room floor. When Rocky sat on John’s feet while listening to him play guitar, I saw that John’s tentative agreement had now turned to full agreement. 

The next plan is to convince Bonsai that this was a good idea!

Meg Young