Four Generations of John Youngs Revealed!

My wife Meg and I made a recent trip back to my hometown of San Juan Capistrano to help my Step-Mother clear out some of my late Fathers’ things. As some of you know, my Dad passed away on November 30th as a result of COVID-19; this was the first time since last year that I’ve been able to visit his home and interact safely with family members there. As we went through some of my dad’s effects (clothes, tools, etc.), we came across the picture that accompanies this blog post. It’s actually two pictures, the top one taken in early 1942 and the bottom one taken in late 1966. If you look closely, you may see some resemblance between some of the guys in both photos. The top photo features my grandfather, John B. Young, standing in the center, with his 2 year old son John G. Young, my father, sitting directly below him. On the left is my great-grandfather John A. Young, my grandfather’s father, and on the right is my great-great-grandfather John P. Young, my grandfather’s grandfather. Confused? Maybe the bottom picture of three of the same four gentlemen will clear things up. If you add the almost-two year old ME into the slot previously occupied by my Dad in the top photo, you’ll see the history and the symmetry. Of all the things Meg and I discovered (and recovered) from our trip down to SJC, THIS was one of the most amazing…and it gives me a wonderful way to remember my Dad 🙂


John Young