My wife Meg and I have a friendly disagreement over the best part of an Oreo cookie: Meg thinks the best part of the cookie are the hard, charcoal-like discs that hold in the amazing filling, and I think the best part is, well, the amazing filling. Meg’s usually right about most things, but she’s off the mark here; If the filling in Oreo’s is the main reason you like Oreo’s then get ready to be impressed: You’re going to LOVE the new Oreo “Most Stuf” cookies, the newest addition to the (admittedly over-populated) cookie franchise. According to the manufacturer, these awesome Oreo’s have more creme filling than their Double Stuff cousins, and fan reaction has been predictably positive. “This is beyond incredible,” says Instagram account Munchie Bunchie, “I honestly almost fainted to the floor when I opened the package! These are so fat!” Forget about “Carrot Cake” Oreo’s and “Watermelon Oreo’s,” if you’re a true Oreo fan, this is the version for you. Find a package at your local convenience store, pour yourself a tall glass of Vitamin D milk and enjoy!

John Young