If you use Uber regularly to get around, then the following story out of Seattle, Washington is for you. George Ure, an Uber driver based in Seattle, came up with a way to give his riders a better traveling experience by offering them a “menu” where they can choose their “ride type.” Mr. Ure’s ride menu lists the following: “The Silent Ride,” “The Therapy Ride,” and “The Stand Up [Ride].”  Customer Luis Arguijo shared the ride menu on social media following a ride with George, and it quickly went viral. Customers who choose “The Silent Ride” get exactly what it sounds like, which sounds PERFECT to a guy who has to talk all day for a living and detests small-talk when I’m traveling (that sounds harsh, but I’m being honest…I like my rare quiet-time). “The Therapy Ride” lets riders to share their problems with Ure, and apparently he offers non-therapeutic advice. “The Stand Up [Ride]” is George Ure giving riders his best jokes and stories in a stand-up comedy format, something I’d likely pass on but sounds interesting and innovative. Now the question is: how do we get Uber (and other ride-sharing services) to make this menu mandatory?

John Young