Feeling The Excitement Of The 116th Congress

I can’t help but get caught up in the excitement – the obvious forward progress – that is the opening of the 116th Congress, led by the first and only female Speaker of the House, San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi. Although republicans have spent the better part of a decade trying to vilify her, Nancy Pelosi accepted her second historical term as Speaker with a call for bipartisan cooperation, quoting Ronald Reagan and praising the work of her republican colleagues in Congress. I know, I know…that warm fuzzy feeling isn’t going to last between the parties (check out some of the downright horrible comments from listeners on our Facebook Page regarding the new-look Congress), but for a small sliver of time I’m reminded how lucky we are to live in a nation where the peaceful transfer of power was again on display.  We are now all witness to a move toward a more inclusive “representation by, for, and of the people.” It’s about time.

John Young



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