Father’s Day Cards…Where’s The Creativity This Year?

I had a somewhat sad experience shopping for Father’s Day Cards at a “discount retailer” yesterday: every card I looked at sucked.  I mean, the humor (or lack thereof), the sentiment…every card I looked at (and trust me, I looked at A LOT of ‘em…I was in the store for about an hour) without exception was awful.  How hard is it to create a card that isn’t a badly-drawn picture of a cartoon hammer with the inside caption “Dad, You’re The Cool Tool in Our Family Toolbox” ??? The recipients of these cards – my Father and Father-In-Law – are not very sentimental guys so the right combination of humor and sentiment is required here. I was getting discouraged…and it didn’t help that I was admonished by the 108 year old check out lady for failing to insert my card-chip correctly.  Then it came to me: I’m a creative person…why not begin my post-radio career as a Greeting Card Writer? I’ll solicit simple and fun ideas from my creative family as well, like the picture featured here (part of an art project my youngest son Brett made for me for Father’s Day when he was eight). Would YOU buy a Father’s Day Card from me? I promise it’ll be better than the tool-themed stinkers that are out there now 🙂

John Young



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