Family Frostbite and Our Dead Heater

Brr! Its a meat freezer in here! Aloha! KUIC’s Ron Brown here. Our house heater just died. The other day I checked the temp in the garage and it was 56 degrees, inside the house, it was 54! Yes! I can see my breath as I type this. Its pretty bad, when you put meat out from the freezer to defrost-and it doesnt!  Every morning I wake up and hope that the furnace kicks on-but NO luck. So, I put on three layers of sweats and gloves to do my show prep in the living room. I’m grateful though, this unit was with the original house back in the 70s, so its put in more than its fair share of time. With the upcoming storms, I guess I’d better call a repair person before everyone in the family gets frost bite!