Doughnut Teaser Alert: Krispy Kreme “Artemis Moon Doughnut”

Leave it up to Krispy Kreme to celebrate NASA’s moon mission with a new space-themed doughnut. Although NASA ended up having to scrub the third launch attempt to get the Artemis Rocket into space following an “engine cooling issue”, Krispy Kreme decided to launch the Artemis Moon Doughnut anyway. And why not? We all know the Artemis Rocket is going to get to the moon eventually, as sure as this new doughnut was going to get right into our hearts (and stomachs). The doughnut was filled with cheesecake-flavored cream, and dipped in cookies and cream icing. I say “was” because The Artemis Moon Doughnut was only available FOR A DAY. One Day…come on, Krispy Kreme! If we can put a man (or woman) on the moon, we can surely offer up that amazing doughnut for at least a couple of weeks…

For you history buffs, The Artemis I Mission is part of NASA’s plan to put a human on the moon for the first time in 50 years 🙂

John Young