Discovering Secret Spousal Talents

This is a family radio station I work for, so I struggled with a way to describe my joy in discovering my wife Meg’s hidden painting talent, without sounding racy or smarmy (you be the judge regarding the title of this Blog Post). I’m bringing this to people’s attention because we often forget to recognize new things about our life-partners when we’ve been together for awhile and we get caught up in life’s routines and obligations. Meg went out with some friends to a “paint party” last week, and she returned with a snow globe painting she did (see above) that I would’ve paid good money for at any local craft faire.  She even painted snow-people that represented our three kids,with special nods to each of them, like height, muscles and political activism…very cool! In spite of her continued protests about the awesomeness of this painting (her second, by the way; she did a Halloween-themed painting that’s just as good), I think this is a reminder to all couples who think they’ve seen it all from their partners that there are still happy surprises to discover about each other 🙂

John Young



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