Devastating Fires Show What Vacaville Community Is All About

Like many of you, I was awakened early on Wednesday morning, August 19th (in my case by my colleague Ron Brown) advising me that things were “not good.” Ron called me to explain that the Hennessy Fire in Napa had “jumped” into Vacaville, and families in the Pleasant Valley area were literally running for their lives as the fire engulfed the outlying areas of Vacaville. The rest is unpleasant history: over 350,000 combined acres burned, hundreds of homes and structures lost, and as of this writing, 22% containment. The devastation is hard to comprehend, especially against the backdrop of the global pandemic we are all dealing with. However…as Ron and I returned to the airwaves Monday morning, August 24th (our transmitter being one of the structures that burned, knocking KUIC off the air for several days), I was heartened to see the outpouring of community support and encouragement coming from all over the area: Wren’s Cafe, a staple in Vacaville for decades, quickly set up donation boxes…two community-oriented Vacaville High School students quickly set up a donation drop-off  as soon as it was safe to do it, and collected hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and necessities for fire victims…even online clothing stores offered Vacaville-themed merchandise, with all the proceeds going to the community. I’ve seen it many times in my almost-21 years of hosting The KUIC Morning Show: that is just what this community does. Please reach out to us if you plan to create a fundraiser or donation collection site for fire victims: [email protected]

Thank You!