Dental Advancements Should Motivate Us All To Take Better Care Of our Teeth

I grew up with a dental hygienist-assistant Mother, so cavities were not an option in my dental world. My Mom made my brother, sister and I brush with BAKING SODA before we went to the dentist, and obviously NO FOOD was allowed to be consumed before the appointment (I think my Mother saw our dental health as a reflection of her parenting prowess…). Anyway, times have changed, and now scientists have made a breakthrough in the battle against tooth decay. Researchers from The U.S. and other countries have developed a synthetic enamel that works in a similar way to your human tooth enamel, but is even stronger and more durable. The technology uses ‘”nanowires” that operate in the same way as the tiny calcium rods found in real teeth. These scientists believe the technology could one day be used to actually replace tooth enamel that wears away! Incredible…but you still have to brush and floss daily. Maybe skip the baking soda…

John Young

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