Colleges and Universities Are Leading The “Virtual” Anti-Racism Charge

I’ve always been extremely proud of my kids; ever since they were youngsters all three of them have displayed an obvious empathy and concern for others. This sense of giving and justice has shown itself in a very obvious way as my youngest son Brett helped organize a virtual fundraising concert for Black Artists, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at The University of Oklahoma where he’s about to start his Junior year majoring in Musical Theater. My wife Meg and I cried when we saw his image pop up our T.V. screen (the concert was available on the University’s YouTube channel), and it was heartening to see students and faculty of all races and genders banding together to bring the message of unity in such an entertaining way. The take-away for me, besides the need to not let up on the fight to secure equal justice for Black Americans, is there is always SOMETHING we can do to raise awareness, no matter our interests or skill-sets. Dance, Sing, Sculpt, Write, Build, Donate…do what you can to keep the anti-racism message in the forefront of our American conscience.

John Young