So I get a text from sister Susan last week…it’s a picture of the packaging like the one above with a “confused face” emoji…my response back to her was “now that recreational cannabis is legal, maybe this will work.” Apparently The Oscar Mayer Corporation has decided to make hot dog-flavored ice cream and build it into an ice cream sandwich. Even more horrifying, it has candied hot dog bits in it. According to the company description, this unholy concoction is made with sweet cream, spicy Dijon gelato, and a cookie bun; Oscar Mayer calls the invention an “Ice Dog Sandwich.” The Ice Dog Sandwich will be available in the streets of New York City THIS WEEK, sold out of a specially modified mobile wiener ice cream truck. I realize I’ve used this blog space to highlight some left-of-center culinary creations (The Pickle Sundae, The Blueberry-infused McGriddle, etc.), but this one might be the boldest so far.  Maybe pair these Ice Dog Sandwiches with the new French’s Mustard Ice Cream?

John Young