Starting Saturday, March 2nd, you’ll be able to purchase an IPA that looks, and more importantly TASTES, like the kid’s breakfast cereal we all remember so fondly. As a true fan of IPA’s, I became intrigued. According to Smartmouth Brewing Company’s Facebook Page,”Saturday Morning is a 6.6% ABV IPA (not TOO strong), brewed with in-house toasted marshmallows and bulk dehydrated-marshmallow-bits. It has been hopped and dry-hopped with Galaxy and Calypso hops. The nose is sweet and citrus, with orange and pear aromas. It has a soft pillowy body with a slight cereal taste. The result is magically ridiculous!”

Apparently this is a very LIMITED release beer, and getting any for your collection could involve travelling to Norfolk, VA. As the Smartmouth Brewing Company Facebook Page post continues, “draft and cans will be available on Saturday, March 2, beginning at noon at the Norfolk tasting room ONLY. It will be distributed throughout the State of Virginia to limited restaurants, bars and specialty bottle shops.”

To celebrate the release, Smartmouth Brewing will host a “Saturday Morning All Day” event at their Norfolk tasting room on March 2nd. Road trip anyone?

John Young