Charity is a Family Affair

One of the values Meg and I have labored to instill in our children is the importance of giving back, and we’ve tried to lead by example.  When our kids were young, I never missed an opportunity to remind them how lucky they were to have all the creature comforts they enjoyed…not just their toys and trips, but their clean drinking water, their safe neighborhood and their kitchen full of food.  I would remind them that they’ve never had to skip a doctor’s appointment because we couldn’t afford to take them (although my needle-phobic youngest son would’ve been fine skipping a few childhood appointments); I would ask them to think about kids they know who don’t have access to the same conveniences they had, and what they think they should do about it.  As adults (or “fake adults”, as my wife jokingly refers to our children), I’ve watched them take an active role in giving back to the communities they’ve lived it. The above picture of Meg helping run the charity auction for The Placer Food Bank this month reminds me that we continue to live those lessons we taught for so many years. YOU can help local families while showing your family how important charity is in our Solano and Contra Costa hometowns: 🙂

John Young



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