I had a chance to tour the recently completed, $25 million Rourk Vocational Training Facility on Claybank Road in Fairfield during a KUIC Ultimate Coffee Break (more at www.kuic.com). This amazing facility, named after inmate advocate Peggy Rourk, is designed to provide inmates who would otherwise be sent to state prison opportunities to develop job skills in a variety of areas. I talked with Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara about what this training facility will mean for our home towns; he indicated that recidivism rates will drop when inmates have a real career to pursue after they’re released. Sheriff Tom also indicated that The Center is looking for people with skills in diesel truck repair, carpentry, plumbing and welding to help staff the facility and provide the instruction inmates need.  For more information contact The Solano County Sheriff’s Office at (707)-784-7000.

John Young