Celebrate 20 Years of Bublé

I remember the first time I announced a new artist on the air, named Michael Bublé. I was trying to figure out how to pronounce his last name, although I did figured out it wasn’t Bubble. I also wondered if our younger listeners would know what a crooner was. Well that was 20 years ago when his self title debut album dropped, and the entire world knows who Michael Bublé is, and his smooth crooner style. Plus we love his sparkling water, just kidding, but I still call it Bublé. BTW I took this selfie with Michael while shopping at The Grove in LA, which is a great place to spot the Hollywood stars. One way to celebrate one of our favorite crooners is with his 20th anniversary t-shirt and CD. Which one of his songs do you find it impossible to not to sing along with in the car?

Donna Perry


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