“Howard Stern Comes Again,” Sterns third book (and first once since 1995’s “Miss America”), highlights the interviews he’s done over his 40+ year radio career, although the book focuses mainly on the last 20+ years. The book is set up as a series of his interviews with an introduction by Howard that puts the interview in better context. Although you won’t want to skip the introduction to the book, where Stern reveals interesting details about how the book came about, you can literally turn to any page and read an interview that looks interesting: Madonna, David Letterman, Donald Trump…over 500 pages of amazing insight into the minds and hearts of celebrities, politicians and news makers. I literally had to set the book down on a lazy Sunday afternoon at my house because I was getting too engrossed in it and ignoring my family…it’s a great Summer read, and a great reminder of why Howard Stern is considered one of the best interviewers in the business.

John Young