Back-To-School From The “Back In My Day” Crew

As we continue to hype our latest contest, The Plato’s Closet $2,000 Back-To-School Drive (details under “Contests” at, many of us Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers on staff at the radio station have begun to reminisce about our own distant back-to-school memories. Things like shopping for new school clothes, including the over-abundance of corduroy pants and shorts…the Pea-Chee folders adorned with 70’s era sports figures…Blue Books and Scan-Tron Sheets. Maybe what’s most striking memory for me is how I took for granted the notion that I would have all the school supplies I needed to get through any particular grade or semester. Growing up in a middle-class family in Southern California, I never experienced a situation where I had to go without pencils, or a paper, or a backpack, let alone things like shoes and socks. While charitable organizations in our hometowns have tried to fill the gap for struggling students and families, we all need to do more to ensure local kids have access to the things they need to start school on solid footing. Check out the “Announcements” section of our website for ways to can help families in our community be better prepared for a return to the classroom after this long, hot Summer 🙂

John Young