Are You Ready For Hot-Dog Flavored Candy Canes?

With Halloween over and our collective Holiday thoughts turning to Winter, it’s time to consider some new additions to our Holiday food choices. If you thought candy corn bratwurst was a stretch, wait until you hear about the latest Holiday Treat coming from Seattle-based candy shop Archie McPhee’s: Hot Dog-flavored Candy Canes! “Every year we make candy canes with unique flavors. Last year we did ketchup”, said Archie McPhee rep David Wahl. If this Candy Cane flavor sounds good or gross to you, you’ll be either happy or sad to know that the flavor has sold out. However, there are other flavors coming down the pike from Archie McPhee’s, including  Kale, Mac ‘n Cheese, Pho, and Shiitake Mushroom. More info and flavor availability at or (206) 297-0240. Happy Holidays!

John Young