Are We Entering A New Age Of “Anti-Social” Media?

The Harvard Business Review has a new article, written by Sara Wilson on February 5th that investigates what Sara refers to as an ‘era of antisocial media.’ The article, in the ‘Social Platforms’ section of the online edition, acknowledges that social media usage as a whole continues to grow. However, the article points out that Social Media use by people ages 12-34 is leveling off or even slowing down. The article explores what younger people are doing and saying: they’re ditching their online presence for real relationships, where they can be themselves. Apparently they’re also concerned about safety and privacy. What does all this mean? For companies and manufacturers, it probably means developing new strategies for reaching young people about their products and services. For a father of three millennial children, like me, it means a chance to have my adult children see the world through a different lens…less “branding” one’s self and more cultivating relationships with depth and substance to them. Have YOU been spending less time on social media? I have, and I’m noticing the real-world difference between friends and “friends.”

John Young