Apparently Crocs Cannot Be Stopped

One of my favorite fast-food restaurant chains, McDonald’s, has teamed up with the Crocs Shoe Making Group to release a limited-edition collection inspired by McDonald’s characters! To answer the question posed in the title of this blog: NO, Crocs cannot be stopped at this point in history. The McDonalds/Crocs “combo meal” will feature three classic Crocs, and one Crocs sandal, based on Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie (whoever that is…), along with the chain’s classic red and yellow color scheme. The shoes, complete with Jibbitz charms, are now available from $70 to $75 per pair (actual purchase locations are a mystery to me; check out to order online). As an added bonus, “Crocs Socks” that match your new food-themed footwear will be available for about $20 and can be purchased at select Crocs retailers and wholesale locations. If you were in charge of the world and you could create a pair of Crocs with anything on them, what would they look like? And would you only be encouraging the continued fascination with these unusual foot coverings? Think about it, and think about stuffing the stockings of your favorite peeps with some of these soon-to-be Croc Classics 🙂

John Young