So, another show I’ve recently discovered, “The Crown”, is being given a third season on Netflix. This cool show, which follows the life of England’s Queen Elizabeth, has been a huge success for Netflix and season three is  going to delve into the Queen’s life from 1964-1977. I’m a history buff, so this kind of show fascinates me…but let’s face it, I’m MORE intrigued by the inclusion of multiple scenes featuring Welsh Pembroke Corgi dogs in this series!  Literally ANY T.V. show/movie/commercial/social media post featuring Corgis has my attention. Queen Elizabeth is famous for her “herd” of Corgis she’s been photographed with over the years, although she’s currently Corgi-free after losing the last of her brood to old age about a year ago. Isn’t it great to have a show both you AND your pets can watch together? Keep those Corgi pics comin’!

John Young