Another Shelter Pet Makes His Way Into Our Hearts

It took a few months for me to embrace the concept of getting another cat, after the untimely passing of our beloved family feline Nigel (who was only 11 when succumbed to diabetes at the end of March). Although I wasn’t necessarily ready to bring a pet home last Tuesday, I made the decision to accompany my wife Meg to our local SPCA, Roseville Animal Shelter. It was there that we both fell for a VERY large, 6 year old, long-haired half Maine Coon kitty that was hiding from his two younger “condo-mates” at the top of a cat stand. Although he wouldn’t come out of his covered perch willingly, he was happy to have his head scratched while purring loudly. Meg and I decided, without looking at any other potential pets, that THIS was the one…we took advantage of THE BISSELL FOUNDATION’s adoption fee waiver, secured an additional discount for being over 55 years old (!) and off we went to introduce the cat we would rename “Bonsai” to his new surroundings. Although I think Bonsai, named after the small tree and the concept of “finding balance,” likes Meg more so far, I hope to win him over with patience (and healthy snacks). For more information about The Bissell Foundation and the work they do helping folks adopt shelter pets, visit their website:

John Young