Another Great Cynthia Seats Idea: “Share Your Air”

In the 25 or so years I’ve known and worked with broadcaster extraordinaire Cynthia Seats, I’ve never known her to be short on great ideas…she’s kept commuters in NorCal safe and entertained for a long time. With this current Summer of 2024 shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, Cyn has done it again: out of the blue during a recent Morning Show traffic report, she delivered a brief weather-community related speech imploring listeners to “Share Their Air.” Not only does that make a great T-Shirt saying, but the idea behind it really is genius: if you’ve got solid air conditioning, and your neighbor doesn’t, invite them over to share it! Maybe you’ve never been particularly close to a certain neighbor on your street or block…what better way to bond than over some cool air and conversation? Cynthia simply took the idea of an organized “cooling center” and made it extremely local, really the perfect way to “look out for your neighbors” during an unexpectedly long and brutal heat wave. And yes, KUIC has a list of actual cooling centers in your hometowns if you need those options (check out the front page of Think about offering that option up to a neighbor if it makes sense: Share Your Air 🙂