A Reese’s Advent Calendar, Just In Time For The Holidays

Halloween is obviously passed us, but Reese’s wants to keep you in the holiday spirit with an Advent Calendar just in time for The Holidays. With the Reese’s Advent Calendar you can enjoy their chocolate and peanut buttery goodness for 24 days and nights leading up to Christmas Morning; the calendar includes both Reese’s cups and Reese’s Pieces. The calendar is so popular that it’s already the number one new chocolate release on Amazon (who knew Amazon had an official “chocolate release”?)  If you want to get one for the candy lover in your life, and maybe that’s YOU, it’ll run you about $19 on Amazon. My only question is: what took this so long to get to the marketplace??? I can give up a lot of stuff, but not Reese’s…not now, not ever. Happy Holidays in advance 🙂

John Young



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