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A Photographic Reminder To Stop Complaining About NorCal Weather

My youngest son Brett, who lives in Norman, Oklahoma and attends The University there, texted me the above photo with the caption: “The electricity’s out…kinda cold this morning.” This was on October 20th, when it was, I don’t know, 93 degrees in Vacaville. It’s a great picture, with a light dusting of snow on my son’s VW Beetle; what the picture DOESN’T show is the sheets of ice, storm warnings throughout the town and emergency generators going off everywhere. Oh, and it was 75 degrees and clear the day before…that’s the real story. We may get hung up on temps that dip below 50 degrees here in our hometowns, but at least we have some sort of consistency. Currently arranging a hotel room for my frost-bitten son while we await power re-connection…

John Young

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