A Hearty Halloween “Thank You” To Our Listeners

As I approach another significant on-air anniversary (19 years doing The KUIC Morning Show November 1st), I’m reminded that I’d never have this gig as long as I’ve had it without the support and encouragement of our amazing KUIC listeners.  Because Halloween is always the day BEFORE the anniversary of my first day on the job, I’ve tried over the years to make Halloween a “spooktacular” celebration of our audience. Back in 2012, we had a contest that allowed 5 costumed winners to hang out on the show all Halloween morning; it was one of the rare times I actually wore a costume to the station (to be fair to me, costumes are difficult to put on/drive in/etc. early in the morning).  It is my hope that our awesome communities that we broadcast to will have a safe and sane Halloween Holiday, and I will never take for granted the incredible opportunity our loyal listeners have given me over the past (almost) 2 decades…thank you!

John Young



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