Cecil Conley Has Been Contributing To Hometown Mornings For Over A Decade

I met Cecil Conley during my first five years at KUIC – sometime in the early 2000’s – when we were both participating in a “Local Media Panel” put together by local law enforcement agencies. Cecil was a Vacaville-based Sports Reporter back then, a position he held since the early 1980’s. To say Cecil Conley was well known in the community would’ve been (and still is) a gross understatement. During that panel presentation, Cecil held court with the audience, regaling them with stories about how various Solano County communities interact with their sports teams, public officials and local businesses. I realized that day I had met up with a strong local force for information and story-telling.

Fast forward to around 2012, when Cecil agreed to call into The KUIC Hometown Morning Show to share a quick “local sports story”; that call soon morphed into a regular “Tuesday Sports Segment” that has been going on ever since. Cecil’s ability to stay plugged into the local sports scene years after leaving the newspaper business is truly phenomenal; his direct connection to coaches, players, and the local schools they compete in gives our listeners a unique perspective that other radio station sports departments just can’t match. From describing the joy a local parent experiences watching their son play in a little league all-star game after almost dying from COVID-19, to interviews with Super Bowl-winning players who coach locally, Cecil has covered a lot of sports ground for KUIC. This Blog-Post is just a small way to thank him for it 🙂 Pro Tip: if you miss any of his live Tuesday Morning Sports Nuggets, you can listen to previous episodes under “Shows” at www.kuic.com.