Radio Memories Of My Father: Dick Whitingham and Dave “Hullabaloo” Hull

For the past several years, my Father John G. Young has been clipping out “radio articles” from his local paper (The Orange County Register) and sending them to me up here in NorCal. I enjoy the weekly surprises I get in my mailbox, and my Dad keeps his research mind sharp (he’s a spry 80 year old with a voracious appetite for knowledge). After receiving my latest batch of articles last week, which included an obituary for the famous SoCal DJ Dave “Hullabaloo” Hull, I emailed my pop and asked him to tell me more about HIS favorite DJ’s he grew up with in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. This was his response:

“Dick Whitingham did a daily Morning Show contest called ‘Story Record.’ A person would tell a story, or a long joke, and the punchline was part of a record Dick would play on the air. Kinda corny, but fun to hear when you’re listening to the radio in your ‘53 Chevy Hardtop Coupe!”

Indeed 🙂

John Young