When I first became fascinated by radio, in the mid-1970’s, I never dreamed I’d be one of those voices coming out of a radio.  People DO dream of that happening, but how do they turn that dream into reality? Thanks to the CalPROMISE program being implemented in area schools, students like Alejandro (pictured) from Dixon High School can get a chance to actually “work” in the setting they hope to pursue.  Ron and I welcomed Alejandro to our KUIC studios on February 2nd; a perfect day for some Job “Shadowing” (it took me awhile to get the Groundhog Day reference, but I eventually clued in). Alejandro was great; he asked important questions about how we do what we do, he got to see the chaos in action, and he even got a little air time.  Do YOU know someone who wants to pursue their vocational dream?  Try to find those willing community partners who can offer insights into jobs and careers: medical, construction, automotive, arts and entertainment.  Let potential mentors know that they, too, once had dreams, and it’s cool to pass on the instruction and advice so others can get there, too 🙂

John Young



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