One of the most fun things we do on the KUIC Home Town Morning Show is play trivia games…they give us a chance to interact with you all over the phone, we get to give away cool prizes and (hopefully) the questions are clever enough to entertain the listeners who aren’t winning at that particular moment. It’s always a shame when some folks look for way to “game” the system by using nefarious methods to win prizes they aren’t eligible to win: multiple names/addresses, voice disguising, and now (according to our Promotions Department) some folks are using their own kids to play the games in their place to circumvent the “30 Day Rule” (according to our KUIC Contest Rules, one must wait 30 days from the date they win something from us before winning another prize). In fact, ANOTHER rule in the KUIC Contest Constitution is you have to be at least 18 years old to play our on-air contests. This puts Ron and me in a bad spot: we don’t want to tell your amazing kids they CAN’T play the games, but we can’t let you go on cheating to get your prizes.  SO, starting now, when a person under 18 plays one of our on-air games on the Morning Show, we will ask them (off air) to pass the phone to an adult who will then be required to provide the information we need to verify prize-winning eligibility.  Fair enough? OK, get ready to dial 1-800-698-KUIC the next time you hear an on-air contest…let’s all win fair and square, people 🙂

John Young



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