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~ Celebrating 20 years Promoting Health & Community Wellness ~

Our Mission
The Mission of the Solano County Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau is to maximize individual and community wellness by promoting healthy behaviors and environments in our county.  We believe that health education, health promotion, and primary prevention strategies are cost effective means of achieving community wellness. Community data guides our planning. We embrace the diversity in our communities and strive to reduce disparities in health status.  
The majority of our work is community-based within Solano County’s diverse neighborhoods, and 90% of our programs are funded by grants.
Experience & Knowledge of Staff
  • Community assessment
  • Public policy development
  • Mechanisms for changing unhealthy community & social norms
  • Coalition building
  • Program Planning
  • Media campaigns
  • Training & education for health care professionals,
    individuals & community groups
  • Community organizing & mobilization
  • Classroom presentations
  • One-to-one health interventions
  • Outreach & education
  • Health information & referrals
  • Materials development
  • Technical support
  • Curricula development
  • Program evaluation
We offer the following programs:
  • AIDS Community Education
  • Bicycle Helmet and Pedestrian Safety
  • Community Transformation Initiative, CA4Health Solano County
  • DUI prevention
  • HIV Testing, prevention and CARE
  • HIV set-aside
  • Safe Routes to School, in collaboration with the Solano Transportation Authority
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Community Interventions Program (SCIP)  
  • Smile In Style/Mobile Dental Van Dental Disease Prevention, in collaboration with the Dental Clinic 
  • Substance Abuse Prevention 
  • Solano Car Seat Connection
  • Tobacco Prevention & Education Program 
  • Tobacco Cessation 
We also maintain information on:
  • Asthma Education
  • Family Planning Information and Education
  • Drowning Prevention
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Livable Communities
For more information, click on “Programs” to the left on the navigation bar.
Spectrum of Prevention
Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau staff works at many levels within the community, often simultaneously. We embrace the Spectrum of Prevention as a helpful model that describes seven levels of effective community prevention initiatives including:
  • Influencing Policy & Legislation
  • Mobilizing Neighborhoods & Communities
  • Changing Organizational Practices
  • Fostering Coalitions & Networks
  • Promoting Community Education
  • Educating Providers
  • Strengthening Individual Knowledge & Skills
The Spectrum was originally developed by Larry Cohen based on the work of Marshall Swift.
“These levels of prevention are complementary and when used together produce a synergy which results in greater effectiveness than would be possible by implementing any single activity or linear initiative.”–The Prevention Institute


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