I recently posted a humorous little ditty on the KUIC FB page about those of us who need “closure” when we notice that a friend is no longer mentioning a spouse/partner/bff in their posts…this got me thinking about some of the frustrating things we all encounter with regard to social media posts, and what we as a society can do about these annoyances.

Frustrating Thing #1: Posts that leave you guessing, like “Can’t take much more of this…”

What We Can Do About It: Stop doing it. Be clear about what you’re happy/sad/frustrated about.

Frustrating Thing #2: Multiple Profile Picture Changes, like, more than once a week.

What We Can Do About It: Stop doing it. Update stuff in the “update” section; I don’t want to have to keep “liking” the latest selfie glamour shot of you and your dog/car/haircut.  We know what you look like.

Frustrating Thing #3: Guilt-based posts, usually beginning with “I know most of you will probably ignore this…”

What We Can Do About It: Seriously, stop doing this.  The fastest way to get me NOT to do something is to try and make me feel guilty for not doing it.

Can we go back to using social media as just a big, friendly community forum for sharing what our kids made in art class?

John Young 🙂



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