Snorkel Kauai

Snorkeling has always been a favorite activity of mine. Just when I thought I had snorkeled at all of my favorite spots in Hawaii, I happened upon an awesome spot on the leeward side of Kauai just north of Poipu Beach. Lawai Beach is amazing with lots of colorful fish the second you enter the water. I can’t wait to get the underwater pics finished and see if I really did get that great shot of one of my faves, the black and yellow moorish idol. I also had a close call with a lavender Moray Eel, not sure if I got the shot since I swam away pretty fast LOL. It was a reminder that ocean creatures are pretty AND…. pretty dangerous at times.

Have you had a close call with underwater beauties while snorkeling? Perhaps even a mermaid?


Donna Perry


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