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G & C Autobody Car Giveaway

We know that times are tough...

So, G & C Autobody to lend a hand to someone
who really needs one by giving away a car this month!

Here's where you come in... 

We want you to tell us which family in our hometowns really needs a nice, good running car!  
The more we know about their story, the better.  So feel free to gush!

Email your submission to car@kuic.com
mail it to us KUIC Promotions, 555 Mason Street, Suite 245, Vacaville, CA  95688

And yes, you can nominate your own family!

Your letters will be collected by KUIC
and passed along to G & C Autobody for the official awarding of the car on or about July 8th.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Vacaville