I know New Year’s Resolutions aren’t for everybody…in fact, I believe the things you’re really serious about improving shouldn’t have an artificial “start date” of January 1st.  However, the beginning of any New Year gives us all a chance to examine how we’d like this new year to unfold, and I thought I could make it interesting for myself if I set some lofty goals, then check back in with myself in, say, mid-June 2017 and see if I’m still on track.  Please feel free to hold me to these resolutions:

Spend more time doing community outreach in Vallejo, one of my favorite cities that doesn’t always get the love I think it should.  Vallejo is a very cool place, with an amazing history and plenty of great people doing great things that KUIC should be talking about.

Spend less time getting angry at stupid things…does it really matter if somebody is using multiple aliases/phone numbers/address to try and win movie tickets?

Limit myself to ONE incredible Raley’s Bakery Donut a week…not an easy proposition as I’m required to make TWO KUIC Ultimate Coffee Break appearances a week and those boxes of donuts are always there.

Spend more time listening to friends and coworkers, rather than tuning them out and waiting for my chance to be funnier and louder.

Get out of my comfort zone when it comes to my workouts…it wouldn’t kill me to try something new.

Spend more time serving the communities where I live and work; just because The Presidential Election didn’t turn out the way I expected is no reason to dial back my personal commitment to improving the world I live in.

I’ll make a copy of these resolutions and evaluate my progress in June 🙂

John Young



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