In the spirit of “I Need A Break From Politics!”, let me share a funny story with you about my late grandmother…

My paternal grandmother Frances Young with a strict old bird; she was a young working woman during the Great Depression, she’d lost both her parents before she was 20 and was raising her younger sister in a converted oil drum in Victorville, California when she met and married my grandfather.  Life got better for her, but she kept her rough edge.  The one thing that COULD soften up my grandmother was classical music; she played the church organ and had a good ear for melodies and harmonies.  Owning something to the generation she grew up in, she was no fan of modern rock music and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about (interestingly, she and my grandfather lived just a few miles away from The Beach Boys in North Los Angeles when they were just starting out…I’m sure she was the woman telling them to “turn it down!”).

For my 14th birthday in 1979, my grandmother decided she’d go down to her local record store and buy me a modern rock record; she’s seen me become obsessive about playing guitar and drums and I guess she figured she couldn’t stop the beat, so to speak.  When I pulled the wrapping paper off the album during a family birthday, I noted (with hidden horror) that she’s purchased the latest Village People album.  I nodded my head silently when she asked me if I liked the selection, then she went on to explain that she’s asked the young clerk working at the store what album he thought a 14 year old expectant rock star would want, and this was what he came up with.  To that smart aleck record store employee who fooled my unsuspecting grandmother: you got me 🙂

John Young



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