We ‘re spoiled here in Solano County…great weather most of the year, excellent recreational opportunities, natural beauty, tight-knit communities that look out for each other.  One of the sometimes overlooked assets to living and working in this area is Solano Community College, our local institution of learning that’s been providing affordable educational opportunities to people in our home towns for 72+ years. It started as “Vallejo Junior College” back in 1945; it’s since grown into an 11,000 student community partner offering bachelor’s degrees, vocational training, world class theater programs and deep connections to the communities that students come from. Have you been out to the main campus in Fairfield?  Check it out the next time your in that neck of the woods…see a show there, go to one of their “Career Days”…Solano Community College’s continued success depends on community support.  Another way you can support the college is to be a part of the various fundraisers they hold throughout the year.  The Solano Community College Educational Foundation is putting on a Crab and Shrimp Feed on Saturday, March 4th from 5:30 to 9 pm in The Student Center (The 1400 bldg); you can find out more about how to become more involved at 🙂

John Young


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