McDonald’s HAS Come a Long Way

I’ve shared this story on the air a few times: my first “real” job, at age 15, was working at my local McDonald’s near the I-5 off ramp in down town San Juan Capistrano, in SoCal.  I worked there for a staggering TWO YEARS (from ’80 to ’82), about 10 times longer than most teenagers worked for any one company back in the day.  I made a lot of great friends, some decent coin ($3.10 an hour after minimum wage was increased in ’81) and learned some valuable lessons about customer service, punctuality and respect for Assistant Management authority.  I also watched the beginning of the McDonald’s evolution from “Who Cares?” food packaging to a more environmentally-friendly approach…I was witness to the phasing out of Styrofoam burger carriers and other types of wasteful food creation and transportation. And now this: starting this May, McDonald’s locations in the UK are making moves to reduce some of their ecological footprint by phasing out plastic straws, and replacing them with biodegradable paper ones.  I’m not sure how my Strawberry Shake is going to taste slurped through a paper straw, but I commend the company for staying on the cusp of planet-friendly fast-food delivery…makes me proud to be an alumni 🙂

John Young



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