Life Without A Microwave…Is It Possible?

I’d be willing to bet most of us have access to a microwave oven; I remember when my family got our first one (an Amana “Radar Range” in the Spring of 1977; it was the size of a flat-screen T.V.). Could you imagine your life without one? Well, “Home and Living” publication writer Lisa Kaminski thought about a microwave-free life when her’s kept getting in the way in her small kitchen. She and her husband decided to ditch their microwave oven to see what would happen, and there was mixed results. According to Kaminski, she immediately discovered “re-heated Chinese food from a hot skillet tasted so much better, but melting butter and reheating coffee became tedious.” Overall, Kaminski said not having a microwave for several months made her “appreciate a slightly slower pace in the kitchen.” So I started to think: Could MY family live without a microwave? My good friend and musician buddy Randy’s family of five has been microwave-free since theirs imploded three years ago, and Randy claims it’s actually helped his children to eat better while taking an active interest in learning to cook more traditionally.  That SOUNDS good, but in actual practice we’ve all become used to having things heat up quickly, and we’ve based our busy lives around that convenience. I’ll have to give this another one minute of thought…just enough to heat up my 4-hour old cup of coffee 🙂

John Young



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