I’d like to subtitle this blog entry “We’re listening…we just respond slowly.” When it comes to interacting with us through our social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s important to note that most of us on-air staff are over 50 and we still consider “social media” to be a cool way to share pictures of what our kids did last weekend.  Although we can’t un-ring the bell of digital, interconnected audio/video communication, some of us in the radio business still believe in the power of talking to one another (and not through Snapchat).  In fact, if I don’t get communication through direct face-to-face contact, phone message or at least an e-mail, I don’t put a very high priority on that communication.  Fairly or unfairly, if you want to let us know that your Great Uncle Ned is turning 96 THIS AFTERNOON, and you’d like a shout out from The KUIC Home Town Morning Show, you’d better call us directly (or e-mail us the night before) rather than send us a private message on Facebook.  Sure, we’ll eventually get back to you no matter WHERE you’re trying to reach us, but our social media platforms are not the most direct route.  Think about asking your grandparents for $7000 toward your new Honda…better hit their phone up (and hope that they don’t try to return your call using their T.V. remote) 🙂

John Young



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