Husband Uselessness

Attention all spouses: start learning to do what your partner does when it comes to keeping your household ship on course, because you never know when you’re going to unexpectedly be put in charge of that ship.  My beautiful and talented wife Meg was recently knocked out of action when a 2 gallon glass ice-tea pitcher fell on her foot, severing a tendon and leaving her immobile for the next two weeks.  It turns out our poorly laid-out two story home is not exactly suited to someone who can’t walk…it turns out I’m going to need to learn to do, I don’t know, EVERYTHING.  You haven’t been humbled until you’ve watch helplessly as your wife crawls up the staircase, throwing her useless crutches up a step at a time ahead of her. Does anyone know how much detergent to add to a large load of dirty teenage bathroom towels?

-John Young



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