In a word: YES. 2017 is a country mile better than, say 1898…or even 1998. In spite of the tendency of many baby boomers to long for a pre-Facebook world where people actually looked at each other rather than at their phones, our modern world provides us with so many advantages; it’s really hard to count ‘em all. Besides the obvious futuristic things that make life better (advances in medicine, transportation and communication), statistically we are safer today than we’ve ever been. There are a lot of bad people, chemicals and natural disasters to contend with, to be sure, but every time you get to longing for “the good old days” think about how fast a fire truck gets to your burning house now. Every time you wish “things would slow down”, think about how we’re able to find a missing child or reunite a lost boater/hiker/senior with his or her family. As much as I think digital technology is making people “lazy”, I remind myself that it’s this same technology that lets me effortlessly pay bills with my cell phone, keep track of my 17 year old’s whereabouts on that same phone, instantly send brilliant photos with my text messages and keep up with the shenanigans of my high-school friends (class of ’83, Dana Hills Dolphins!) on a daily basis. For every “pull up your pants and get off my lawn!” moment I have, I try and embrace the unstoppable train that is the future.

John Young 🙂



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